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Diwali Celebrations in Abroad

Diwali brings happiness all around the miles. The festival of light brightens every soul with the flame of love, hope and ecstasy. Indians not only in the country but also those who are in a foreign land celebrate Diwali with same perseverance and jauntiness as they used to do in their motherland.

Words fall short to justify the euphoria of Diwali. The chain of twinkling lamps and candles lights up every mansion and hut. The light of Diwali night is full of light, full of life...

The experience of Diwali for a kid growing up in abroad is very different.

Diwali is celebrated in America too, but some kind of sheen is missing. Sparkles of bursting crackers and lighting of lamps are the main highlights of Diwali. However there are no sparkling fire-crackers all over, no traditional delicacies, no sweets as well as not very much enthusiasm in shopping still people love to refurnish and bedeck their homes with beautiful paintings, decorative items and traditional lamps and dazzling lights. Many people do take the dual opportunity of this festive time as it is a great time of vacation with celebration of the festival.

Since Diwali is one of the major festivals of India; the Indian Embassies in the US and UK organise various functions to celebrate the festival. The official work of Embassies stop for this day and all NRI Hindus come together to celebrate the festival of lights.

According to Hindu Mythology, Diwali marks the day of return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years and people light lamps to welcome him back.

Indians chant Vedic prayers and worship Goddess of wealth on Diwali night. It is considered good to wear new clothes on this auspicious day. People clad in new dress go to temples and distribute sweets to all the visitors there, their societal members and friends. Children...rather people of all age find joy in bursting fire crackers.

People greet each other with best wishes and exchange gifts on Diwali. In Britain Diwali is a huge kaleidoscope of colour amid Bollywood music.

A popular ceremony known as lights switching-on ceremony on Belgrave Road takes place on Diwali when thousands of colourful lights light up the Asian business and culture hub. It is followed by a laser and firework show in nearby ground.

This is a great time to shop and to do brisk business as you find many new launches and varieties. People shop for jewelries, traditional Indian clothes and sweets for the festive season.

Diwali is also celebrated in Hindu dominated countries like Nepal and Malaysia. Multi-ethnicity is the key to Malaysia. Diwali is public holiday here.

In Nepal the Diwali celebration continues for five days. Almost a week's celebration starts with the worshipping of crow and then on the next day Dog is worshipped. The second day of festivities i.e. when the dog is worshipped is called Kukur Tihar, after which Goddess of wealth, Laxmi Puja takes place.