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Diwali Gift Ideas

Make your gifts count--This Diwali gift your loved ones something special

New Gadgets available on Diwali are Surface, IPAD3 , IPhone 5, Kinnect

Diwali is a time to share happiness and celebrate with your family and friends; and what better way to do it than by indulging in some gifts? Here are some ideas:

Traditional Gifts:
giving Gift is most important tradition associated with diwali . Spiritual presents, gifts (called bhent, nazrana in hindi) like idols, holy books, ramayan, candles diyas, sweets, dry fruits, puja thalis and Ganesha and Lakshmi idols are best suited for Diwali Festival.
Silver is also considered auspicious and silver coins as gifts, are very commong.
In face many companies give Silver coin as gift to all of their employees on Bonus.
Silver coin and jewelry are kind of gift that will be kept for many years to come.
For Women:
Women love shopping and the Gift market is flooded with exciting offers during Deewali. Giving Diwali gift coupons will work best for a woman---be it your mother, sister, wife or daughter. Gifting home decorations like wall, and door hangings symbolising the spirit of Deepavali is a good idea, too.

For Kids:
Kids, Teenegares and adults love fire crackers. you can give firecracker packet as gift. consider the age and sex of the person receiving to choose the right firecacker.
for kids many interesting games and toys - high tech as well as games related to Diwali are available in Market.
Chocolates will also bring smile on kids face. Unlike sweets Choclates can be preserved for longer duration.

For Neighbors and friends:
If you can't decide on a specific present , gift cards, gift hampers are the way to go. You could add special items to the hampers, according to their preferences, to add a personal touch. You could also give chocolate hampers, perfumes, scented candles or home appliances.

Corporate Gifts:
Most corporate Diwali gifts include sweets, chocolates and dry fruits. this Deepavali, try something different. You could woo your business clients or impress your colleagues by giving them unique gifts such as decorative pen holders, photo frames, time pieces, lather diaries or monogrammed coffee cups.

For Men:
Boys like gadget toys, you can select a latest gadget to make the festival great! most electronic stores offer Diwali discounts, it is also a best time to buy gadget for yourself. You could also present clothes/apparel in live with Diwali spirit like kurtas, shirts or a nice tie.