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Ramcharitmanas is a book written by Saint Tulsidas. Ramleela or Ramlila depicts the story of Shri Ram, Sita, Laxman, Hanuman described in Ramcharitmanas. It is religious play in which people of all age participate. They play show complete story of Dusshera, Diwali. Before Dushherra, during navratri the play start with the birth of Shri Ram, Sita sita swyamver?. The play shows how Shri Ram was sent to Vanvas. The play further shows the Ramayan story - how Laxman met Sruvnakha and cut her nose. It makes Ravana angry. Ravana the king of Lanka kidnap Sita, Ram's wife.

Ram& Laxman meet Hanuman and look for Sita. Hanuman reached Sri Lanka and ask Ravana to leave Sita. Ravana decline and does not let Sita mata go. Then Ram, Laxman, Hanuma build army and attack on Lanka.

In the war - Ravana,Ravana brother and family get killed.

This is story of truth victory over evil.

Ramleela depict this story step by step for 10 days. The 10th day of Ram Leela is when Ravana died and next day festival Dussheera is celebrated. In Dussshera effigy of Ravana and his family are burnt. It is symbolization of triumph over evil and that's why it is also called VijayaDashmi.

There is no city in India where Ram leela is not played. It is played in various localities. By watching Ram Leela children can learn the Indian culture. It also builds a festival mode among society.