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Rasgulla - Small sweet balls

1) Doodh(milk) - 750 ml.
2) Cheeni(sugar) - 1 cup.
3) Maida(Flour) - 1 tbsp.
4) Paani/Jal(Water) - 1 cup.
5) Elaichi(cardamom) - A pinch.
6) Nimbu Pani(lime juice) - A little.

1) Add lime juice to the milk to make paneer/chhana out of it.
2) Add flour and cardamom to the chhana. Then knead the mixture with hands to make it smooth and pliable.
3) Split the the dough into several small portions of equal quantity. Then, roll them into same-sized balls.
4) Mix 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water and boil at a low temperature to make a thin syrup.
5) Drop the balls in the clean boiling syrup. Boil for 10 mins. Sprinkle water on the boiling syrup every 2 minutes.
6) Remove from the heat and cool. Your "Rasgulla" is ready. Sprinkle rosewater for flavor.
8) Keep your snow-white sweetmeats in a refrigerator. Serve hot or cold, depending on your preference.