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Spiritual Quotations

1. Life does not teach us to expect nothing, but not to expect success to be the result of all actions
2.Without meditation - where is peace
3. Happiness and contentment fill your soul even in bitter circumstances
4. Life is series of awakening.
5. You will receive whatever you ask in your prayer with faith
6. Aim at purifying your thoughts
7. Man is not judged by good quality or talent he posses but by the use of one can make of them.
8. If you are in search of greatest treasure, do not look outside, seek within yourself.
9. The happiness of life is made of little things - smile, hug, moment of joy
10. If one believe one can do something , then one can definitely gain the ability to do it
11. Make the best use of what is in your control and take the rest as it happens
12. Wisdom and good judgment live together.
13. Every incident in life is filled of signs. Learn from these signs
14. Never lose faith in humanity
15. Without piece -there is no happiness
16. Your daily life is your religion
17. One who loves God, his/her soul always swim in joy and remain in mood for singing.
18. Spread joy. Let everyone feel happier for having met you.
19. When mind unites with soul - it is filled with joy.
20. True happiness is a state of mind. It does not depend on cirumstances
21. Humanity is a ocean, if few drops are dirty, then it does not mean whole ocean is dirty
22. There must be a time of day when you forget all plan and act as if there is no plan
23. There is a force withing that gives you life and energy, seek that.
24. Aim at complete harmony of thoughts and words