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For a safe Diwali

The festival of lights, Deepavali, has arrived in all its splendor. And what is it without crackers? Crackers, despite being an inevitable part of the festival, have to be handled carefully for a safe celebration.

Here are some important things to remember before you get ready to burst crackers.

1. Buy crackers only from authorized manufacturers or dealers.

2. Don't burst crackers before or after the stipulated time mentioned by the local authorities.

3. Always burst crackers under the supervision of adults. Look for an open space and ensure there are no combustible or inflammatory things around.

4. Wear cotton outfits while bursting crackers.

5. Keep a first aid box and a bucket of water or sand nearby to handle emergencies. Read the label on the cracker box and follow the instructions carefully.

6. Use a sparkler, agarbatti or a long fire wood to burst a cracker as you can then light them from a safe distance. Avoid using matches and lighters for bursting Crackers as they have open flames which can be dangerous.

7. Keep small children away from the bursting area.

8. Never ignite fireworks like rockets if there is any overhead obstruction or if they face open windows or doors. Do not leave a lit match, agarbatti or sparkler near unused crackers.

9. Never experiment with crackers or make your own fire works.

10. Never light a cracker in your hand. See to it that you put it down and ignite it. Don't keep your face close to the cracker while trying to light it.

11. Strictly keep small children from handling fireworks. Never try to burst crackers indoors or from inside a vahicle.

12. When crackers take time or do not ignite immediately, do not try to burst them. Rush to a safe place immediately and throw some water to diffuse them.

13. Malfunctioning fireworks should be abandoned.

Follow these steps and you're sure to enjoy a happy and safe Deepavali.